The Monterey

Ah, The Monterey. A Southtown gem that isn’t nearly crowded enough at 5 on a Friday afternoon. Besides the killer happy hour–$2.50 Texas beers and $3.50 Texas wines from 5-7pm–the outdoor seating is cozy, the waitstaff is interesting, and they have absolutely amazing (and amazing looking) food. It’s pretty much this photographer’s dream come true.

(These are vegetable pickles, and they are wonderful.)

I try to make it to The Monterey twice a month because their menu changes with what’s fresh and in-season. I fell in love with a hamachi dish that wasn’t there two weeks later; theĀ caramelizedĀ salmon, though, was just as delightful.


My favorite dish so far, however, has been the roasted corn salad. Lucky for me, it’s stayed on the menu for a while. It’s roasted corn, popcorn!, lime yogurt, and chili stuff (sorry, my foodie terminology kinda ends there).

I’ve also had a delicious watermelon and heirloom tomato salad with black olives and feta. Definitely not a combination I would have tried on my own, but The Monterey aced it.

And the, of course, for those of you out there who still eat meat, there’s always… the sausage.
Fully equipped with German mustard and onion rings.


Check ‘Em Out!
The Monterey
1127 S. St. Mary’s
San Antonio, TX 78210


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