Hill Country Cuisine

Hill Country Cuisine

The June 2010 issue of Explore magazine featured a spread on Hill Country chefs. We got to know a little bit about them–where they were from, how they got here, and what got them interested in the culinary arts. From the Czech Republic to “around the corner in Welfare,” we learned that a wide variety of art really does come from a wide variety of places… but they all make our taste buds really happy!

Take, for example, Beau Smith, the executive chef of the Tin Roof Steakhouse in Boerne, Texas.

He grew up “in South Texas, literally five miles away form the Mexico border,” and his favorite dishes on any menu are “mac and cheese, and anything certified Angus.”

Perhaps this is why he set up for me a plate of raw beef.

Getting to know Beau was only the start of our tour-de-Hill-Country-gastronomy–but judging by the looks of it, could easily have been the end!

I think he still has eyebrows.

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